Shown above is a Constant Tension Payoff System (CTPS). This is an ideal unit to economically upgrade your existing payoff machine with precision tension control, regardless of spool diameter or speed. Plug the CTPS power cable into a wall outlet and the operator immediately has linear tension control by turning the knob on the front of the interface box. Unlike particle brakes, these brakes have no wear and thus constant tension. The torque is controlled by a magnetic field. Switch the selector switch from “manual” to “remote” input and connect the interface box to your computer or control system. The interface box provides a visual and electronic “system status” and also accepts an emergency stop signal. The reference speed signal is obtained by a hall effect sensor and roller, as seen in the picture above. The roller needs to be attached to the payoff system to measure the media speed and may vary in size and shape, depending on what is needed or per the customers specification.

Our system may be used with the smallest spools to spools of cable that weigh 10,000 lbs. or more. Using our adapter plates, standard gear heads easily couple to our contactless magnetic brakes. The gear head multiplies the torque from the brake in order to control very large spools that require media tension of 100 lbs or more and on spool diameters of 8 feet or more.

When inquiring about which system works for you, MBS will need to know:

  1. The maximum tension required
  2. The operating tension of your system (min. to max.)
  3. The linear speed range of your media
  4. The starting diameter of the payoff reel
  5. The core diameter of the payoff reel