The MBS magnetic brakes are a combination of hysteresis and eddy current brakes.

The performance of the MBS brakes differ substantially from simple hysteresis brakes as follows:

The materials and the configuration used in the brakes and the internal cooling allow the brakes to dissipate substantially more power than conventional brakes. Based on published values for some hysteresis brakes the MBS brakes can dissipate more than five times as much steady state power. Additionally, the MBS design produces extremely high torques.

The power is limited by the brake temperature. Care must be taken not to exceed the temperature limits.

Three model stock brakes are manufactured by MBS; they are the model MB, MBL and MBZ series and are available in five sizes.

The MB Series (Magnetic Brake)

The MBL Series (Magnetic Brake Linearized)


The MBZ Series (Magnetic Brake Zero Cogging)


The MBZ Series with Gear Head Attached


MBS builds dynamometers utilizing the MBS magnetic brakes.
Dynamometer bases are available at a nominal cost to meet the customer specifications.